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The Zosspens List is an internet mailing list for pen collectors and people interested in vintage and modern writing instruments. This list is completely free for readers.

Zosspens list is maintained for people interested in all aspects of fountain pens, especially those collecting vintage items. Modern pens and limited editions are also frequently discussed and we also branch into associated topics such as ink, paper, accessories, pen conventions, pencils and ballpoints, etc. These threads do not go too long, however, to keep things on topic. The list started before 1995 - back in the days of packet mail, well before the start of the world wide web. It is named after Tom Zoss, who founded it and operated it faithfully until 2017. The subscription list is stable and hovers around 1800 subscribers. The concept is simple - the list is like a "party line" of e-mail messages. When a subscriber sends one message to the main list address the software sends copies to all subscribers on the list. Subscribers can then read the message and reply to the whole list or, if the message is personal, reply directly to the individual who originated the message.
THIS IS AN OPT-IN MAILING LIST. We fight SPAM by using software that makes this an opt-in list. No list messages are sent to people without their request. To keep someone from subscribing another person, a verification message is sent to the newly-subscribed address. An answer must come back from that address to activate a new subscription. Some of these verification messages do not reach some new subscribers because of Spam Blockers. If you subscribe and don't get a verification message in minutes, or if your subscription doesn't start within about three hours, write to us at contact@zosspens.com.