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Awesome to see this, thanks for stepping up to keep a great resource alive!

Yours truly,


(mainly a Lurker)


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As many of you are aware, some time ago Thomas Zoss, our fearless leader, decided to step away from managing the list. After some inconclusive negotiations failed to create a viable successor and Tom announced that he would close the list on June 1st, a group of us decided to step up and assume responsibility for the list. We were quickly and amiably able to negotiate an agreement and now there is a new Zoss list, the name preserved to honor Tom's accomplishment.

 Just so you know, we are: 


Mark Cohen-technical/server management
Saul Goldberg- moderator 
Sam Highsmith- lead moderator

Jerry Kemp-moderator/back-up technical
Rick Propas-organizer/administration/marketing
Kim Sosin-administration/database/marketing

Glenn Tenney- technical/server management
Jonathan Veley- organizer/administration/marketing


So, what does this mean to you, the everyday zoss fanatic? In all honesty, very little. Our goal, for now, is to continue the list without apparent change.


But, as time progresses there will be some differences. Tom’s website, allowing you to sign up and manage access will become ours and will, of course, change.


And as we all settle in, we will be discussing with you some innovations. These may include ancillary social media sites (such as facebook and instagram) where we can congregate to discuss issues related to the list.


We will also reach out with other ideas as well as the inevitable pleas for financial support, since server space, back-up and maintenance are not free. At the same time, based now in Silicon Valley our server space is more cost effective than it has been. Very little support we can do a lot.


So, enjoy, engage and look for new opportunities to discuss our favorite topic, pens.


--The New Zoss Team


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