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Rick Propas rickpropas at comcast.net
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Stay tuned.

On 6/20/17 1:06 PM, G.D.Craig wrote:
> Glad to see it continue. Photo posting would be nice or coordinating 
> it with Facebook or some such. Anyway congrats and away we go again.
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> *Subject:* [Zosslist] Welcome to the New Zoss List
> As many of you are aware, some time ago Thomas Zoss, our fearless 
> leader, decided to step away from managing the list. After some 
> inconclusive negotiations failed to create a viable successor and Tom 
> announced that he would close the list on June 1st, a group of us 
> decided to step up and assume responsibility for the list. We were 
> quickly and amiably able to negotiate an agreement and now there is a 
> new Zoss list, the name preserved to honor Tom's accomplishment.
> Just so you know, we are:
> **
> Mark Cohen-technical/server management
> Saul Goldberg- moderator
> Sam Highsmith- lead moderator
> Jerry Kemp-moderator/back-up technical
> Rick Propas-organizer/administration/marketing
> Kim Sosin-administration/database/marketing
> Glenn Tenney- technical/server management
> Jonathan Veley- organizer/administration/marketing
> So, what does this mean to you, the everyday zoss fanatic? In all 
> honesty, very little. Our goal, for now, is to continue the list 
> without apparent change.
> But, as time progresses there will be some differences. Tom’s website, 
> allowing you to sign up and manage access will become ours and will, 
> of course, change.
> And as we all settle in, we will be discussing with you some 
> innovations. These may include ancillary social media sites (such as 
> facebook and instagram) where we can congregate to discuss issues 
> related to the list.
> We will also reach out with other ideas as well as the inevitable 
> pleas for financial support, since server space, back-up and 
> maintenance are not free. At the same time, based now in Silicon 
> Valley our server space is more cost effective than it has been. Very 
> little support we can do a lot.
> So, enjoy, engage and look for new opportunities to discuss our 
> favorite topic, pens.
> --The New Zoss Team
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