[Zosslist] [ZossPens] Ending this List

Rick Propas rickpropas at comcast.net
Wed Jun 21 00:21:26 EEST 2017


Thank you for all you have done over the years. I think I can fairly say 
that we all hope that you will remain active in the community and 
especially on this list, at least when you and Bernadette are not 
gadding about the globe.

Happy Trails,

Rick Propas
For the Zosslist

On 6/20/17 2:08 PM, Thomas Zoss wrote:
> The new version of the Zoss Pens List is now up and running, going to the
> complete subscriber list, so it is time to end distribution from this
> server.
> I want to especially thank the PCA, which was concerned the list and its
> archives continue, and also the following people who moved to carry this
> forward, especially Rick:
> Rick Propas-organizer/administration/marketing
> Mark Cohen-technical/server management
> Saul Goldberg- moderator
> Sam Highsmith- lead moderator
> Jerry Kemp-moderator/back-up technical
> Kim Sosin-administration/database/marketing
> Glenn Tenney- technical/server management
> Jonathan Veley- organizer/administration/marketing
> Sincerely yours,
> Tom Zoss
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