[Zosslist] American Writing Instrument Trademarks 1870-1953

Jonathan Veley jveley at jonathanveley.com
Wed Jun 21 16:53:58 EEST 2017

Hey all,

For those who don't know, my fourth book, American Writing Instrument Trademarks 1870-1953, is due to be released sometime next month.  It's a hardbound, 304-page research work containing images of more than 2,200 writing instrument related trademarks and spreadsheets organizing trademarks by date, description, company, and registrant.

The book will also include a DVD containing all of the available trademark registration certificates as found in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The first 100 copies will be individually numbered and signed.  To view a mockup of the book so you can see what it looks like and to preorder, check out the "Books by Jonathan Veley" section at Legendary Lead Company's website:


The preorder price is $60.00 through June 30, after which copies will sold at the cover price of $75.00.  Free pickup at the DC show if you don't want to pay for shipping (and can wait that long).

Jon Veley

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