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I have had wonderful dealings and great discussions with Rick over the last 
17 years
that I have been a Zosser....but I did not know that he too was into 
but who else is into LED flashlights? I am sure my wife thinks I am nuts...
1000 plus lumens here I come....maybe I am a bit  nutty  or 1000+  lumens a 
bit nutty ???

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I thought it might be a good thing for each of us who are sharing
responsibility for the new Zoss list to introduce ourselves, so I will
start off and let my colleagues follow suit as they see fit.

I am Rick Propas and I have been collecting pens since 1984. Initially
my focus was on the American Big Four--Parker, Sheaffer's,
Wahl-Eversharp, and Waterman's, at least as much as I could afford
Waterman's in those heady days. My main focus was, and remains Parkers.

I began attending pen shows in Chicago in 1985 but was not a regular
attendee until I moved back to California in the late 1980s and became a
regular at the Los Angeles and then the Ohio Shows.

In the late 1990s, I became enamored of Pelikans, beginning with a 50th
birthday present of a Pelikan M800 set in 1997. The rest, as they say,
is history. By 2001 I was actively selling pens, largely to support the
Pelikan habit and at the same time I became editor of the Pennant, the
magazine of the PCA. Several years later I joined the PCA Board, serving
one term during which I was Vice President and then President.

Today I continue to collect Parkers, Pelikans, as well as German pens,
especially safeties; some Italian pens and basically anything that I
find interesting.

My favorite pens are Parker Lucky Curves, especially my bakelite 28 and
my Black Giant; my tortoise and mother-of pearl Pelikans, my Montblanc
139 and 149 silver band models; and a whole array of customs based on
Parker 51s and Pelikan 100s.

I also collect folding knives, God help me, and favor customs from
lesser known makers like Alan Davis and John W. Smith.
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