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Kim and new Zoss Team,
Just wanted to say Hi! and Let you know that I am very happy to hear you will be working on this Zosslist we have been receiving for years.
If you need any help that we can provide, do not hesitate contacting us.
Michelle and Ariel Kullock

> On Jun 24, 2017, at 12:37 AM, kim at penquest.com wrote:
> I’m part of the team sharing responsibility for the new Zoss list, so
> I’m following Rick’s suggestion that we introduce ourselves. I’m
> Kim Sosin, and will be doing some of the administrative and marketing
> chores for the new Zoss list. I’ve either been collecting since I was
> eight or since the early 90s,two dates that differ by too many years. 
> At age eight, my friend Nancy got this cool blue Esterbrook and I was so
> jealous!  I’m still making up for that deep childhood disappointment! 
> My collection is all over the place, but for a few years I focused on
> Conklins, particularly Conklin Crescents.  Mostly, Rick’s phrase
> “anything I find interesting” resonates.  I have pens from all eras
> and probably now buy as many new pens as vintage for the only good
> reason:  a pen or nib appeals to me!   I love flexible nibs, so a number
> of pens i nmy collection have flexxy nibs at some level. 
> I also worked for PCA for several years, andattended several shows per
> year to sell PCA memberships (and to buy and sellpens).  Most years
> I’ve been at LA,Chicago, DC, and Columbus, but I have to cut back on
> that schedule.  
> At this point in my collecting life, the friends I’ve made and see at
> shows and online mean as much- actually more -to me than the pens.  The
> Zoss list feeds my desire for pen talk and my enjoyment at hearing from
> you all.
> Kim Sosin
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