[Zosslist] Intro

Samuel Highsmith arpenguy at me.com
Mon Jun 26 19:22:28 EEST 2017

I join the others in introducing myself to members of the New Zoss list. Rick has asked me to coordinate the work of the list moderators. I am retired (many in the south pronounce it "retard" which may be more appropriate) from a background in law and non-profit charitable gift planning. It is my pleasure to be associated with Sherrell Tyree and Joel Hamilton of Ink-Pen.

I began my hobby of accumulating, not collecting, pens in the early '80's (19 not 18). The first of my better writing instruments came to me from the late and legendary Harry Borrus. I still have two of those five.

We moderators are here to help, not hassle, posters to the new list. I am sure I speak for the others in saying we will be happy to respond to any concerns or questions you might have. You now have my address if you wish to contact me back channel.

Happy accumulating, collecting, using, displaying, repairing, designing and making writing instruments.

Sam Highsmith 

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