[Zosslist] BALLPOINTS and How to handle a delusional nut?

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Mon Jun 26 22:37:29 EEST 2017

I subscribe to another list and there is a nut job that wants to  convince
the world that the Anne Frank Diary was a scam.

He is focusing in on the introduction of the  ballpoint, saying that the
diary was written partially in ballpoint and that because the ballpoint
wasn't readily available in WW2 that it was a scam.

He also focuses on *László Jozsef Bíró *and how he really didn't invent the
ballpoint, and yada yada yada.

I told him that  inventions come in increments - that there was an earlier
leather marking ballpoint by a fellow from Weymouth, MA but it was
impractical because it  could  not write with sufficient detail to make it
a good device.

Then I told him that the Biro invention was invented then  improved, the
feed was changed from gravity to capillary.  The ink was improved and
still  is improved to this day.  We still  have grease based ballpoint ink
and water based roller ball ink - and maybe someday a version of water-oil
ink.  Who knows?

I'd like to stop him in his tracks, because even though I'll never stop
his  thinking the Holocaust was not a Jewish invention to throw the
Palestinians out of Jerusalem, I might  be able to stop him  on something
that I have some knowledge, and more than that, contacts with a bunch of

I previously contacted a German friend of mine and rebuffed his claim that
the Anne Frank Diary wasn't researched by the German equivalent of the FBI
and that no court case was won by Diary Deniers.

Does anyone have some good factual  information  on this?

I know that it's  difficult to win people who continue to spout untruths
even when you can supply hard evidence, but I'm trying.

Best wishes,

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