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I have kept a journal for almost twenty years now and it is pretty much 
hit and miss (at least for me) regarding journals and fountain pens. My 
rule of thumb is European origins, yes; Asia or the US, not so much.


On 6/29/17 10:37 AM, Herb Feinzig wrote:
> Dear guys:
> Can you recommend a notebook that has paper that will not bleed if I 
> use a fountain pen to write in it?
> I have two Clairefontaine notebooks but the covers are poor cardboard, 
> not suitable for a journal.
> Keeping a journal is a new endeavor for me, one that my travels and 
> retirement makes more interesting.
> I love fountain pens, now using vintage Parker and Waterman pens.
> Thanks, any help is appreciated.
> I have been collecting pens since the  mid-80's, though have not as 
> much now that I live in a small town in Colorado and am retired. Used 
> to be back east, so attending shows and traveling  to meet folks was 
> easier.
> Still, love fountain pens as I said.  Oops, forgot that I have some 
> Esterbrooks that remind me of Junior High and High School.
> Long time ago.
> All the  best;
> Herb Feinzig
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