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I've kept a journal regularly since 2004.  I started in my BFP (Before
Fountain Pens) era, writing with a pencil in a Moleskine journal.  The
Moleskine stood up to daily use and being carried on my travels, but when I
switched to a fountain pen I found that its paper was less than
satisfactory.  Since then I have favored Rhodia webnotebooks and
Franklin-Christoph journals.  Both of these brands have sturdy "leather"
covered covers and both have withstood my daily use quite well.


My latest two journals are a departure from my previous practice.  They are
handmade by TMLee in Singapore.  I first found TMLee in the classified
section of FPN and bought one of his journals on a whim.  When it arrived I
was concerned that the very thin Tomoe River paper would not stand up to
daily carry, but I decided to give it a try.  After months of use and
carrying, it has performed perfectly and I ordered another from him, custom
made this time.


The Tomoe River paper does "show through" but it does not bleed or feather.
I have found the show through factor to be quite acceptable and I really
like the way my fountain pens perform on this paper.  I have used pens with
nibs from fine to 0.9mm cursive italic and a variety of inks with no


All of my journals pre TMLee have been in a format of about 8 by 5 inches,
but TMLee makes A6 sized journals, about 6 by 4 inches.  I thought that the
smaller format might be inefficient, but I've found that my handwriting
seems to automatically adapt to that size paper.  I've also found the
smaller size to be more flexible in a daily carry situation.  It will even
slip into a trouser pocket, where the larger ones would not.


I can't comment on a cover because I've never found a need for one using the
journals that I've chosen thru the years.


TMLee can be contacted by email at tmleem4 at gmail.com and you can frequently
find one of his offerings in the Classifieds of FPN.


John Hubbard

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