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Wed Jul 5 01:52:42 EEST 2017

*Please note: Pen geeks far and wide are all welcome to our free monthly

Note: DATE CHANGED to Sunday, July 9th, due to the July 4th weekend.

In 2016, at the request of Terry Mawhorter, organizer of the Raleigh Pen
Show and the Ohio Pen Show, I outlined a series of three seminars on the
history of Pelikan AG (Pelikan Aktiengesellschaft) from the early 1830s to
the present. Last year, at the Raleigh Pen Show and the subsequent meeting
of our pen club, I presented the history of Pelikan up to World War II,
roughly. This year the story continues to the present day, excepting the
special and limited editions. The third part of the saga, in the future,
will be about Maki-e editions, Maki-e one of a kinds, special editions, and
limited editions.

This week, July 9th, at our monthly meeting we will discuss the second half
of Pelikan's history with examples from my collection for most of those
pens. It is actually difficult to draw a vertical line on the timeline,
because many pens started pre-WWI continued into the '50s, many had their
roots in the 1929/1930 pens, many started as special editions and became
regular production, and some are actually post WWII.

We will have some Pelikan-themed door prizes in the mix with or normal
prizes. Come and enjoy the pen-speak conversations with your fellow pen
geeks. It is rumoured there are other worthy brands besides Pelikan :) that
many will be  discussing, too.

On another note, please put the *2017 Pelikan Hub* on your calendar now. It
is Friday, September 22 at 7:00 PM at the same location as last year, with
details to follow as we approach the date.

Thomas R. Baley
(404) 307-6428
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