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More fun from Jon Veley.  And a good bit of education, too.
Thanks Jon.
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Hey all, I've added a couple more Eversharp articles over at Leadhead's, the first to show the three that were in the mail heading my way at the time the "world's largest collection" article posted, and the one from today about what came in the mail yesterday -- a lot of 3 Eversharps, and the one that I was after wasn't even the star of the show!


The Three That Were in the Mail -- and Another One
It wasn’t really fair to end my “World’s Largest Eversharp Collection” article the way that I did, showing you everything but the three that...


What I Wasn't Expecting
Since I’m on a “plug the holes” mission with my Eversharp collection, now that I can see where they are, I decided to throw in a bid online ...


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