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Hello all,

In an article I posted yesterday at Leadhead's, I made an offhand remark about a pencil marked "Hallmark," that I didn't have a clue who made it.   David Nishimura suggested I follow up on that search by looking for the discussions over the last few years of the Hallmark hard rubber and overlay pens made by Kraker, some of which have the first and last letters obliterated to read "Allmar."

I failed to read my own book before I published the article.

There was a trademark filed for the Hallmark logo found on Kraker's pens and also on my pencil, made either by Mabie Todd or Hutcheon.   The date of first use reported was July 7, 1916 -- spot on for both the pens and the pencils -- and to whom it was registered answers once and for all several of the questions that have been debated for years.



The Hallmark Mystery - Solved<http://leadheadpencils.blogspot.com/2017/07/the-hallmark-mystery-solved.html>
You’re going to think I did this on purpose. As of yesterday morning, when “The Hard Proof” ran (see http://leadheadpencils.blogspot.com/2...

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