[Zosslist] Pelikan 170th Anniversary Majesty Gold Limited Edition

Kim Sosin kim at penquest.com
Mon Jul 17 07:59:50 EEST 2017

So good to have the zosslist still available, but it's been very quiet


Pelikan 170th Anniversary Majesty Gold Limited Edition for sale, $1750.

I have a Pelikan 170th anniversary #23 of 170, in vermeil, medium nib,
perfect condition.  Has been filled (and is a very nice writer). All papers
and boxes, plus a cube of crystal glass pen holder, laser-engraved with the
historical frieze and edition number. The pen can be used with the barrel
removed also, for a semi-demonstrator look.

I'm going to take more and better photos, but thought I'd get the
information out there in case someone has an interest.  If you want more
photos, please ask!

I'm really sorry to sell it, but I had extensive hail damage to my car,
which the insurance "totaled" ... I'm sure you don't want more
details....!!  I'll cover USPS shipping - if you want other shipping or
international shipping, we'll talk.

Kim Sosin
kim at penquest.com
Omaha, NE
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