[Zosslist] This weeks Speerbob pen sales

Speerbob speerbob at starpower.net
Fri Jul 21 12:18:54 EEST 2017

Hi Zosser's, I have 66 really nice pens up on eBay auction this week 
ending Sunday night.  This week I concentrated on really nice 3rd tier 
pens.  Some of these are really interesting, beautiful and well worth a 
look.  I love the very colorful Underwood, the beautiful Congress 
bulb-filler, Person koi color Japanese aerometric, stunning Arnold green 
marble and a really nice oversize Avon with chased nickel overlay.   90% 
of Avon pens I see are badly worn or corroded but this one is super 
clean and is oversize.  I love the Cardinal with clear "demonstrator" 
section too.

I also have a very nice Eversharp Equipoised and a really good deal on a 
Waterman 55 BCHR with no clip.  Much more as well.  Here are the 
auctions. http://stores.ebay.com/Speerbob/_i.html?rt=nc&LH_Auction=1

I also just received a giant Levenger True Writer close-out. Many of the 
colors have not been available in over 10 years and are scarce now.  I 
have FP's, BP' and RB's.  If you see a color FP you like and I do not 
have it listed in the nib you want let me know and I can swap nibs.  I 
have only fine, medium and broad nibs.  If you want to buy from me 
directly, not on eBay, email me and I'll give you a 10% discount.  Here 
are the Levenger.


Cheers,  BOB

Robert Speerbrecher, Writing Instrument Dealer.  A Top Rated eBay Seller.
ID: SpeerBob
ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/Speerbob
Web: http://www.speerbob.com
email:  speerbob at starpower.net

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