[Zosslist] Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel DeLuxe C1947

Gerald Berg gberg at sbc.edu
Sun Jul 23 23:55:22 EEST 2017

These are beautiful pens. I like particularly the the gray stripe with
brushed aluminum.
Were there any in carmine? I have seen these now and then but I have
always assumed that they are post-factory combos.


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> Hi, Folks!
> Thought I would start sharing my daily pics on pens I like on the Zoss list and start conversations on them.
> The Sheaffer Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel DeLuxe first shows in the 1947 catalog and listed for $15.00. It was the first Sheaffer pen with a brushed stainless steel cap. Note that the Sheaffer White Dot is on the end of the barrel. Sheaffer solved the problem of mounting the White Dot on metal caps in 1948. Sheaffer also changed the Sentinel to a polished stainless steel cap in 1948. This lever-fill Sentinel came only in black, while the Vacuum-fil pens came in black, green stripe and grey stripe celluloid. The matching pencil was $5.00 and the matching Stratowriter ballpoint pen was $10.00. The pen is 5 1/4 inches long with the cap on. Sheaffer offered 16 different Lifetime 14 karat gold nib grades for the pen in 1947.
> http://penhero.com/Temp/SheafferTriumphSentinelBlack_1280_01.jpg
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