[Zosslist] Black and Pearl De Luxe Sheaffer Balance c1929

Jim Mamoulides jim at penhero.com
Wed Jul 26 20:28:54 EEST 2017

Hi, Folks!

Continuing my daily pen eye candy posts.  The pen is not for sale.  

This is the early version standard size Black and Pearl De Luxe Sheaffer Balance c1929.  This pen has discolored to a brown that actually is not terrible.  The pen was professionally restored and is a nice daily user.  A perfect condition Black and Pearl Radite pen should be more white or cream pearl than yellow pearl, so even the less discolored parts on this pen are much yellower than perfect.  The Black and Pearl De Luxe was more expensive than the Jade Green or Black Radite pens at $9.50 for this 5 1/4 inch pen and $10.00 for the large 5 3/4 inch size pen.   

http://www.penhero.com/Temp/SheafferBalanceBlackPearl_1280_01.jpg <http://www.penhero.com/Temp/SheafferBalanceBlackPearl_1280_01.jpg>


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