[Zosslist] FS - Oversize Sheaffer Balance Set, Golden Pearl, c. 1936

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Thu Jul 27 18:39:43 EEST 2017

But that requires joining Facebook, I would expect.
And there is a segment of us who loathe and/or distrust FB.

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> On 7/27/17 8:17 AM, Christopher Paulsen wrote:
> Greetings, Everyone:
> I have for sale a beautiful golden pearl Oversize Balance set.
> Recently purchased from one of the (many) leading lights of our
> community, I can only hope I age as well as this set!  Or receive as
> good restorative care when I'm 81 years old.
> The nib is the Sheaffer Lifetime two-tone, I'd describe it as a fine
> nib.  This is a lever-filler, with wonderful clarity in the window above
> the section.  Pencil works well, and the eraser must be a later
> replacement -- still soft with very little wear.  Beautiful golden brown
> glow in the cap and barrels of the set; this is my favorite color of the
> '30s Sheaffer's pens.   (With green being second -- guess I'm pretty
> conservative).
> Minimal brassing to both pieces.  There's a little brassing around the
> edge of the "ball" at the end of both clips.  A spot of brassing near
> the pivot of the lever.  A small spot on the cap ring of the pen (on the
> side with the cap hole).  No brassing on the cone of the pencil or the
> band.
> The black clamshell case has seen better days.  The elastic bands are
> gone and there are a few scuffs to the outside top and bottom.
> Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I thought I
> read that early in the run of this barrel/cap material, Sheaffer had not
> perfected the rounding of the cap top and placed a "crown" on top of the
> cap.  If so, this pen is from the early production -- the "crown" is
> apparent on the top of the cap.
> Asking $275 for the set, shipping included.  Photos available if
> interested -- please feel free to contact me.  Thank you!
> Best Wishes,
> Chris
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