[Zosslist] FS - Oversize Sheaffer Balance Set, Golden Pearl c. 1936, Now with Pictures!

Christopher Paulsen Christopher.Paulsen at wicourts.gov
Mon Jul 31 17:59:56 EEST 2017

Thank you to everyone who provided tips on posting images!  Here's the
ad I ran last week, with a link to pictures (hopefully, if I've followed
instructions correctly!):

Greetings, Everyone:

I have for sale a beautiful golden pearl Oversize Balance set. 
Recently purchased from one of the (many) leading lights of our
community, I can only hope I age as well as this set!  Or receive as
good restorative care when I'm 81 years old. 

The nib is the Sheaffer Lifetime two-tone, I'd describe it as a fine
nib.  This is a lever-filler, with wonderful clarity in the window above
the section.  Pencil works well, and the eraser must be a later
replacement -- still soft with very little wear.  Beautiful golden brown
glow in the cap and barrels of the set; this is my favorite color of the
'30s Sheaffer's pens.   (With green being second -- guess I'm pretty

Minimal brassing to both pieces.  There's a little brassing around the
edge of the "ball" at the end of both clips.  A spot of brassing near
the pivot of the lever.  A small spot on the cap ring of the pen (on the
side with the cap hole).  No brassing on the cone of the pencil or the

The black clamshell case has seen better days.  The elastic bands are
gone and there are a few scuffs to the outside top and bottom.

Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I thought I
read that early in the run of this barrel/cap material, Sheaffer had not
perfected the rounding of the cap top and placed a "crown" on top of the
cap.  If so, this pen is from the early production -- the "crown" is
apparent on the top of the cap.

Link to images provided below (thanks again for the suggestions!) 
Asking $275 for the set, shipping included.  Thank you!

Best Wishes,


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