[Zosslist] 1942 Shadow Wave Major?

Gary Rechtin garyrobert7 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 3 11:22:27 EEST 2017

Hi Gang,

I have an interesting find? I bought a lot of fountain pens, one of which
was said to be a Black Vacumatic (terrible pictures), but it actually
turned out to be Shadow Wave Brown. It is in beautiful condition with very
crisp imprints. The date code on the barrel is '2.', so 3rd quarter of
1942, yet I thought that the Shadow Wave color was only used in 1938/39,
although I am aware that there are many uncatalogued variants out there as
Parker was not one to waste inventory.

The other point of interest is that overall length is right at 129mm (5
1/8"), the same length as a Vac Major, yet I thought the Shadow Wave
material was used only on Juniors and Debutantes. This one has the
Jeweler's cap band and a non-Blue Diamond Split Arrow clip. I tore it down
completely and the date code on the nib is '.2.', so 2nd quarter of 1942.

I happened to have two other Vac Majors torn down on my desk and I can swap
caps is I had expected I would be able to, as barrel diameter looks the
same. Barrel lengths are essentially identical as are blind cap lengths. Is
this just another one of those uncatalogued anomalies?

I cleaned, polished it and reassembled it. This is a very nice looking Vac.
If it had a flexy nib it would probably just stay in my pocket!

Comments appreciated.


Gary Rechtin
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