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This is spectacular. Thanks for sharing, Jon.  And thanks to Dan also!

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 <!--#yiv1839369273 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->Today at Leadhead's, I'm featuring an amazing find I got from Dan Reppert -- a 14k Sheaffer Masterpiece pencil with Craig Sheaffer's facsimile signature, mounted on a cardboard presentation blotter signed by Sheaffer himself ... to "Edd Dawson."  
I found out who Edd Dawson was, and it confirmed that this piece was a personal gift of Sheaffer's own pencil.  
|  | Craig Sheaffer's Gift to Edd Dawsonleadheadpencils.blogspot.comFor years I’ve called my collection the “museum,” tongue firmly planted in cheek.  However, there are times when objects force me to realize... |

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