[Zosslist] Problem with Platinum President pen

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Tue Sep 19 18:06:02 EEST 2017


I sent a Platinum President back to the distributor in USA who sent it back
to Japan because someone had put a rod on the feed and tried to knock out
the nib and feed - which you cannot do with these Platinum pens because
they have a thin straw type rod that fits into the cartridge piercing
assembly which fits inside the gripping section of the pen.

The pen came back fixed but Japan didn't understand that the cartridge
piercing section had been "mushroomed" and will no longer fit a cartridge
or converter.

I don't have a tool that can reach inside and scrape or some sort of tool
that can make a small ring of sandpaper to scrape away the part of the
plastic that has become wider (mushroomed).

A small circular file like ( ) would be perfect.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

The USA distributor is baffled.

Best wishes,
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