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Hi Alan,

Your belief is not correct about our show being the weekend after Columbus (Nov 3-5).  Our MI Pen Show takes place on Friday and Saturday, Nov 17-18, making it 2 weeks after Columbus.

Would you care to correct your post?

Also, do you want a table our MI show?


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in an article about a sad situation:


Hi Everyone.

Eric is President of the Michigan Pen Collectors.

The article involves a couple of limited edition pens that a Chrysler Exec indicted by the Feds for corruption bought for over $35K per pen.


On a happier note, the MPC will host our annual Pen Show in November. I believe it is set for the week after the Columbus Show, which will make it the last show of the calendar year.

It would be great to see you there!  Bring your treasures from Columbus (smiles).


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