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Hi all,

These pens have been restored and are ready to fill with ink and use,
unless noted otherwise.
If you see one or more pens that you like, please reply to me at:

michael at northwestpenworks.com

If you intend to make a purchase, please read "Rules, Shipping,
Etc." at the bottom of this post.
#1.Teens or 20's Waterman's 452 1/2V fountain pen hand engraved vine pattern in sterling silver. This particular model has a double cap, which I have seen incorrectly called a "Thimble Cap" and a "Telescoping" cap. I am not sure what Waterman's name for this model was, but it may have been the latter. The outer top cap is slip fit over the cap that threads onto the barrel. It was a way of removing the pen from a chain, watch chain or ribbon without unhooking the pen for use. The pen has wear on the engraving and the lined lower end cover. The lever is also hand engraved. There is one dent on the LEC that is about 2mm across and one tiny bump mark. The indicia is very nicely engraved with, I think, the initials are "EMK". The nib is a smooth flexible Extra Fine 14K, that makes up to about 1.75 mm line. It is a wet writer. Capped the pen measures 3 1/2 inches or 9.1 cm. This is a scarce Waterman's model and even more scarce in the hand engraved vine pattern.
Price $295.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.





2. circa 1928 Diamond Point "Fill E-Z" aka Diamond P.P. Co. oversize flat top fountain pen in jade green. The color and condition of this pen is truly exceptional and the barrel imprint is deep and crisp. The only damage is a bit of swelling next to the lever slot, from the lever retainer wire. The trim has no brassing. The pen is similar in size to a flat top Parker Duofold Senior. The nib is a smooth Flexible Extra Fine Warranted 14K. It is a wet writer and will make up to about a 1.75 mm line. Capped the pen measures 5 3/8 inches or 13.8 cm. The condition of the pen is Excellent plus.
Price $175.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




3. 1940's Eversharp Skyline full size pen and pencil set in Ruby Red moiré. I don't know what Eversharp actually called this color, but it reminds me of grade A rubies. I know they called they called the blue moiré "sapphire". The only damage I can report is some typical brassing on the edges of the lever, from the cap being posted and most of the gold plating is missing on the pencil's nozzle, which is also typical for this model. The pencil is push button activated and it is working well. The nib is a smooth writing Flexible Fine 14K. It is a wet writer and will make up to about a 2 mm line. Capped the pen measures 5 1/4 inches or 13.3 cm. The condition of the set is Excellent.
Price $185.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




4. 1918 to '24 Wahl Eversharp (imprinted "Wahl Ever Sharp") in hand engraved sterling in a vine and floral pattern. It has the flat (not ridged) clip. The pencil has two small dents just above the lower tapered part, on the backside. There are no names or initials engraved in the indicia panel. The pencil mechanism is working well and the clip is tight. The engraving on this pencil is exceptionally deep and crisp. Lead retracted the pencil measures 5 3/16 inches or 13.2 cm. Check out the photos.

Price $85.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




5. I have an Eversharp Skyline Yellow Cab fountain pen for sale. These were made in the mid-1990's. The pen is in mint condition and boxed. The only thing missing is the yellow taxi cab model car. I have seen others offered that were missing the model car. I suspect that kids small or large may have been the culprits. 

The pen is similar in length to an original standard size 1940's Eversharp Skyline, but about 1/8 inch longer. It has a converter filler and the converter knob is accessed by removing a blind cap. I am not positive that ink cartridges can be used with these, I do not know how it would be possible to remove an ink cartridge once it was used up. The nib is a 14K - .585 Medium. The nib has the double check mark seal logo and is also marked Skyline, with the gold content and tip width and a fancy scroll work border around the outer edges of the nib. You know that scroll work makes modern pens write much better! 

Price $175.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.



6. Bexley  "Submariner Grande" Black and made in 2005. The section looks to be gold filled or gold plated. The nib is a large two tone Bock/Bexley 18K - .750, marked "M". The nib is very smooth on paper. Capped the pen measures 5 3/4 inches or 14.7 cm. It is a cartridge/converter fill and comes with a cartridge. It has a roller clip. 

Price reduced to $220.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.



Rules, Shipping, Etc.

The usual rules apply, the person sending the first e-mail on an item
~stating intent to purchase~ gets the item. I will give you 5 days to
decide if you like the pen or not. I prefer payment by PayPal but also
accept checks or money orders in USD. I can only accept payment by
PayPal from countries outside the U.S. I ship worldwide, so
international customers are always welcome.

Prices are post paid in the U.S., and will be shipped with a tracking
number. I normally ship by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, which 
is about $34.00 to most countries, except Canada, which is less. 
I can also ship to other countries by Express International Mail, 
if you request it, but it is costly.

Return Policy: I will always allow pens, or other items, to be
returned. If there is a problem I would prefer the chance to fix the problem
or replace the item, when and if possible. Otherwise a full refund
will be offered. If you find a problem and choose to send the item
(pen, mechanical pencil, etc.) to someone else to be corrected, I will
not be responsible for any other problems.

Happy penning!

Michael McNeil

E-mail:  michael at northwestpenworks.com

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