[Zosslist] Special Offer on Parker 51 and Vac Books

Rick Propas rickpropas at comcast.net
Mon Oct 23 21:17:21 EEST 2017

I am in no way affiliated with Pendemonium, though Sam and Frank are 
supporters of the list.

These two books are essential for anyone who collects or is interested 
in Parker as a company and/or the pens they produced. The books are not 
just definitive but models for what monographic pen books are and can be.

And the offered prices are a fantastic bargain.

On 10/23/17 11:11 AM, PENDEMONIUM wrote:
> Today's issue of Midnight Madness is a special offer on the Parker 51 
> and Parker Vacumatic Books. Regular price is $80, Today only they are 
> $60 each. Use code MM1023 on our order form and get yours today! (S&H 
> is additional)
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