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speerbob at starpower.net speerbob at starpower.net
Tue Nov 14 12:26:28 EET 2017

Hi FPN, My Speerbob store will reopen Wednesday.  I'm running 66 eBay auctions right now that end Sunday evening.  I started several new Delta pens and a Conklin limited edition at $1.00 with no reserve so maybe some good deals on those.  Several other noteworthy pens this week including a 1950's Aurora 88K with rose gold cap, Parker magnetic jotter, Montblanc 166 Legrand highlighter, Montblanc 244 in box, Montblanc Monterosa in box, some Montblanc Generation pens in purple and a very cool Webster skyrocket fountain pen.  Some Parker pen parts including nibs too.  Check them all out at 
Have a great week.  Cheers, BOB 
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