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Marc Shiman mail at marcshiman.com
Mon Dec 4 14:45:24 EET 2017

At an old restored schoolhouse that now serves as Brookeville's town hall,
we will host an an informal gathering of pen aficianados on December 9th at
10 am in Brookeville Maryland. The site of the event will be the
Brookeville Academy

*Why name it after Bert Heiserman? *Bert's Pen Haven in Kensington, MD was
the local pen gathering spot on weekends for vintage pen collectors, and
Bert introduced many of us to this hobby. Since Bert passed I missed those
Saturday afternoons showing pens, looking at pens, and buying and selling
them. We wanted to have at least one day to recapture the magic of meeting
with each other

*Where is it? *The town of Brookeville is just north of Rockville and Olney
MD, a DC suburb. From DC you drive straight up Georgia Avenue and the venue
is on the right when you enter Brookeville. Parking is in the Church
parking lot on the left. I will put up some signs

*When is it?* December 9th 2017 from 10am to 3pm. There is the possibility
of getting some snacks and drink at the Beer Farm up the road. I haven't
been there, but I'd imagine its a microbrewery of sorts. Maybe we can raise
a glass to Bert's memory.

*How much does it cost? Dealers? Admission? Parking?* Free, free, free,
free. No reserved dealer tables - but there will be plenty of table space
for you to open up a few binders of pens. Some snacks, drinks or coffee
would be a welcome contribution.

I'm hoping Alice will pay us a visit. Besides that, come out, relax and
have some fun. I look forward to seeing all the pen fanatics of the DMV

Marc Shiman
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