[Zosslist] Short Conklin Crescent FP Sac Advice

David J. J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Sat Feb 17 04:05:08 EET 2018

Hello Zoss Pen Friends,

I have a delightful small Conklin chased black hard rubber fountain pen with what is probably a #2 nib that is wonderfully 

The pen is about 4-1/2 inches long, and the barrel 3/8 inches wide.

It's a crescent filler and it seems I have repaired this pen more times than any other pen I own, but I love this little pen and 
it flexes so beautifuly going from F to BBBB and making beautiful buldges when I draw a line downward and put a small pressure on 
the nib.

I have been thinking that the person who did the repairs might be using a normal sac, but the crescent looks like it needs 
something more substantial, or maybe the pen needs to be taken apart because there is a sharp edge that cuts the sac.

If I remove the feed and blow into the barrel I hear air escape!

Any suggestions?  I live in Massachusetts and usually have my pens repaired at Bromfield Pen who has a long time fellow who still 
repairs pens in the window, alas only one day a week now, but as a child I remember George and the repairer in the window so 
many years ago.


David J. Ring, Jr.
Green Harbor, MA 02041

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