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To amplify a little on what Jeff said, there’s no reason not to use a regular sac in a Conklin Crescent. What it sounds like is that there’s a problem with the pressure bar that forms the underside of the crescent (historical fun fact: Conklin’s patent doesn’t talk about a crescent at all, but calls this part a presser bar to which a rib is attached that goes through the barrel! Thanks to Richard Binder for linking to the patent from his site). There may be a bit of corrosion or something that is producing a sharp surface that punctures or abrades the sac. A simple case of filing, or perhaps replacement of the crescent, seems indicated. I’ve resacced Crescent fillers but never messed with the crescent itself. According to Dubiel, once you’ve removed the sac and section you just unlock the ring and the crescent will fall into the barrel so you can dump it out the end for inspection. 


Vance R Koven
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> On Feb 19, 2018, at 7:34 AM, Jeff Krasner <Jeff at krasnerhealth.com> wrote:
> Re: David Ring & his Conklin:
> If you live in Massachusetts, the best repairmen are Jim Baer on the Cape,
> 617-290-7770 or Andy Beliveau in Milton, 617-461-3596. Greg at Bromfield
> is also very good.
> If you need Conklin parts, I have many for sale.
> Jeff Krasner in Watertown
> 617-840-9806
>>  1. Short Conklin Crescent FP Sac Advice (David J. J. Ring, Jr.)
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>> Hello Zoss Pen Friends,
>> I have a delightful small Conklin chased black hard rubber fountain pen
>> with what is probably a #2 nib that is wonderfully
>> flexible.
>> The pen is about 4-1/2 inches long, and the barrel 3/8 inches wide.
>> It's a crescent filler and it seems I have repaired this pen more times
>> than any other pen I own, but I love this little pen and
>> it flexes so beautifuly going from F to BBBB and making beautiful buldges
>> when I draw a line downward and put a small pressure on
>> the nib.
>> I have been thinking that the person who did the repairs might be using a
>> normal sac, but the crescent looks like it needs
>> something more substantial, or maybe the pen needs to be taken apart
>> because there is a sharp edge that cuts the sac.
>> If I remove the feed and blow into the barrel I hear air escape!
>> Any suggestions?  I live in Massachusetts and usually have my pens
>> repaired at Bromfield Pen who has a long time fellow who still
>> repairs pens in the window, alas only one day a week now, but as a child
>> I remember George and the repairer in the window so
>> many years ago.
>> Regards,
>> David J. Ring, Jr.
>> Green Harbor, MA 02041

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