[Zosslist] One of the messages I tried to send a while ago...

Alan Kaufman alankaufmanpens at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 18:59:43 EET 2018

....that made me think I was doing something wrong in terms of the list's address (from early February):
Below is most of the relevant message. Did any of you see it, or did it simply disappear?  I sent it both to Rick, and the list address. Anyhow, here it is...
To see if anyone is still "out there.
Hi everyone.
Today I was in a Barnes and Noble. I saw what was described as a "Family Planner" (no, not birth control!) in a 75% off display.
The color intrigued me. Could it actually be .... periwinkle? It was, and in fact it was labeled as such on the sales tag!
Of course (OF COURSE... not shouting, just emphasizing), I immediately thought of the hard to find Sheaffer Snorkel "specialist collector's" color... periwinkle.  The "planner" is a close match to the pen's color.
Yeah, I bought the item. 
Alan Kaufman*** p.s. I'm actually using that periwinkle planner.  (smiles)
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