[Zosslist] One of the messages I tried to send a while ago...

Rick Propas rickpropas at comcast.net
Wed Feb 21 19:12:48 EET 2018

My apologies to everyone. Apparently the list was down for a couple of 
weeks before anyone brought that to my attention. I have been superbusy 
since late January with two new teaching assignments--so much for 
retirement--and did not notice.

Any time anyone has any comments or concerns about the list 
pleasepleaseplease get in touch with me!!


On 2/21/18 8:59 AM, Alan Kaufman wrote:
> ....that made me think I was doing something wrong in terms of the 
> list's address (from early February):
> ******
> Below is most of the relevant message. Did any of you see it, or did 
> it simply disappear?  I sent it both to Rick, and the list address. 
> Anyhow, here it is...
> To see if anyone is still "out there.
> Hi everyone.
> Today I was in a Barnes and Noble. I saw what was described as a 
> "Family Planner" (no, not birth control!) in a 75% off display.
> The color intrigued me. Could it actually be .... periwinkle? It was, 
> and in fact it was labeled as such on the sales tag!
> Of course (OF COURSE... not shouting, just emphasizing), I immediately 
> thought of the hard to find Sheaffer Snorkel "specialist collector's" 
> color... periwinkle.  The "planner" is a close match to the pen's color.
> Yeah, I bought the item.
> Alan Kaufman
> ***
> p.s. I'm actually using that periwinkle planner.  (smiles)

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