[Zosslist] One of the messages I tried to send a while ago...

R. Paul Martin zosslist at glib.com
Thu Feb 22 01:20:14 EET 2018

On 2/21/2018 12:12, Rick Propas wrote:
> My apologies to everyone. Apparently the list was down for a couple of
> weeks before anyone brought that to my attention. I have been superbusy
> since late January with two new teaching assignments--so much for
> retirement--and did not notice.
> ....

Ah, that's what happened. I had thought that the list was just quiet lately.

I see E-mails on the list until 1/22/2018 13:25, and then the next
E-mail on the list is dated 2/16/2018 21:05.

> Any time anyone has any comments or concerns about the list
> pleasepleaseplease get in touch with me!!

I'll keep that in mind.

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