[Zosslist] FS On a cold winters day

John Schwab jschwab at crowcorners.com
Sat Feb 24 02:00:43 EET 2018

A few pens for sale today

Visconti Pericle in burgundy. I believe this to be a very early model as 
it has the rounded spring loaded clip. Pen has been lightly used. No 
blemishes on the gold trim. Cartridge or converter fill (converter not 
included).  $135



Parker 75 Sterling Gran Serif. Beautiful, lightly used fountain pen in 
Sterling with gold trim. 18K gold nib is a fine. The smooth cap panel is 
un-inscribed. Made in France. Cartridge/converter fill, no converter 
included.  $160



Waterman Gentleman in Sterling with gold trim. The pen is in excellent 
condition and has good clean trim. Cartridge/converter filler, but no 
converter included. 18K gold nib is a fine.   $150



Waterman Carene FP / RB set in red. Very nice set in very good 
condition. Fine nib on the fountain pen, and a working Pilot G2 refill 
in the roller. Cartridge or converter filler, but again, no converter 
available.  $190 (set)



All pens are in perfect working condition, and the prices include 
shipping within the US via Priority Mail. International shipping at cost.

Thank you for looking.


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