[Zosslist] Pelikan Pelikano UP FP Left and Right Handed Nibs, Difference?

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
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I admire your eyes.  I can just make out the chess board,, but I cannot see
the pieces clearly.

But I guess my ears are weak too because I missed the word divet,

But it was very interesting.  It seems to have a grip to guide hands to
hold the nib to paper correctly.

Germany and Japan still seem to treat fountain pens as regular products fur
everyday use by regular people.  Of course they both have luxury versions
too, but it's important to have excellent beginner pens if we want to keep
writing alive.

Best wishes,


On Mar 13, 2018 18:07, <woodingham at aol.com> wrote:

Hi David.

I did a little web searching.  You may find this link to be interesting (I
surely did!):



ps:  the chess board is not set up correctly; also, what's a "divet?"
You'll understand if you follow the link.  (I know, my "divet" question
borders on snarky.)

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What's the difference between the Pelikan Pelikano UP FP Medium Nib
Left handed and Right handed nibs?

I have never seen photos of the nib or seen one in person.
Does anyone know?

And you left handed folks out there, does having a left handed
Pelikano help you?

I have heard that the nibs are the same grind but the right handed
nib is labled A and the left handed one is labeled L, I've also heard
that the griping section are left and right - which makes sense.

I have also heard that the nibs for this starter pens is much more
like the old Pelikan KM nibs - the ones with a nice ball of tipping

Anyone have any info on these pens?


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