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Sun May 27 22:16:31 EEST 2018

For those of you who may not have seen this on other forums:

/*Historically, the Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow has been an 
enjoyable show for exhibitors and patrons from all over the world. Last 
year, however, the show's change of location and lack of organization 
led to frustration and anger among both exhibitors and patrons. We have 
received no indication that the problems experienced last year have been 
resolved, nor has the show's website been updated except to change the 
dates of the show from last year's to this year's.*/
/*While all of us enjoy pen shows, participating as an exhibitor at a 
show is an expensive proposition. We are professional pen people, and we 
need to be able to set up before the public is admitted so that we can 
work during the show. The complete lack of information about the 
Washington show raises serious questions about our ability to serve our 
/*For these reasons, we have decided not to attend the Washington show 
this year. We greatly hope that the problems of the past have indeed 
been resolved, and we hope to return next year.*/
/*Mike and Linda Kennedy, Indy-Pen-Dance*/
/*Richard and Barbara Binder, RichardsPens*/
/*Rick Propas, The Penguin*/
/*Martin Ferguson, Martins Pens 51
Ron and Robyn Zorn, Mainstreet Pens*/
/*Carl Seidl - Pens of Dist-INK-tion*/
/*Joel Hamilton - Inkpen*/
/*Sherrell Tyree - Inkpen East*/
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