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Even there some pretty rough edges to the setting up of the show, I’m sure
Bob learned from them and I look forward to an enjoyable show.

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> I do not know what transpired last year as I have been unable to attend
> even the local Atlanta since 1/4/2017.
> I have attended more than 20 Washington DC Shows since 1995 and will make
> every effort to attend and support Bob Johnson this year.
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> For those of you who may not have seen this on other forums:
> *Historically, the Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow has been an
> enjoyable show for exhibitors and patrons from all over the world. Last
> year, however, the show's change of location and lack of organization led
> to frustration and anger among both exhibitors and patrons. We have
> received no indication that the problems experienced last year have been
> resolved, nor has the show's website been updated except to change the
> dates of the show from last year's to this year's.*
> *While all of us enjoy pen shows, participating as an exhibitor at a show
> is an expensive proposition. We are professional pen people, and we need to
> be able to set up before the public is admitted so that we can work during
> the show. The complete lack of information about the Washington show raises
> serious questions about our ability to serve our clients.*
> *For these reasons, we have decided not to attend the Washington show this
> year. We greatly hope that the problems of the past have indeed been
> resolved, and we hope to return next year.*
> *Mike and Linda Kennedy, Indy-Pen-Dance*
> *Richard and Barbara Binder, RichardsPens*
> *Rick Propas, The Penguin*
> *Martin Ferguson, Martins Pens 51 Ron and Robyn Zorn, Mainstreet Pens*
> *Carl Seidl - Pens of Dist-INK-tion*
> *Joel Hamilton - Inkpen*
> *Sherrell Tyree - Inkpen East*
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