[Zosslist] F&S blue & brown books for sale

Richard Shelby rshelby639 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 19:59:30 EEST 2018

Hello, all,

I have two great pen reference books for sale: Fountain Pens and Pencils:
The Golden Age of Writing Instruments, second edition (1998) by Fischler
and Schneider (the blue book) and The Book of Fountain Pens and Pencils
(1992) by Schneider and Fischler (the brown book), Both are in near perfect
condition -- they could easily be sold as new in a bookstore. I'm asking
$130 for the set and that includes shipping to a US address. (I'm willing
to ship to a non-US address but the shipping would be very expensive as
these books are heavy.)

Off topic: I also have a $50 iTunes eGift card (no expiration date) which I
don't need and I'll sell it for $40 if anyone wants it. (I don't use

Richard L Shelby
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