[Zosslist] This week's Speerbob pen sales

Speerbob speerbob at starpower.net
Wed Jul 25 13:27:48 EEST 2018

Hi Zosser's,

I have some great pens on eBay this week.  They end Sunday night.  You 
can see them here:


77 auctions this week.  Little bit of everything from the awesome 
(Settelaghi 18kt solid gold  BP) to the kinda cool but weird (Yafa Red 
Star collection FP).  I started to clean out my box of cheapo ballpoints 
and pencils and and selling them in big lots.  I also started several 
auctions at $1.00 with no reserve.  This includes Conklin, Delta and 
Marlen plus a new set of Montegrappa Superman cuff links that retail for 
$295.00!!.  Plenty of other odd things too.  How about a bowling pin 
shaped wood pencil?  But also a 1st year Parker Jotter and a very early 
Parker Jotter Pardner set that is mint in box.  Good stuff!

Cheers,  BOB

Robert Speerbrecher, Writing Instrument Dealer.  A Top Rated eBay Seller.
ID: SpeerBob
ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/Speerbob
Web: http://www.speerbob.com
email:  speerbob at starpower.net

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