[Zosslist] DC Pen Show

David Silber noyesville at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 20:34:22 EEST 2018

Dear Zoss Readers,
Don't know how many of you are coming to the DC show starting Friday, but I wanted to let you know that:
             1.  I plan to be there tomorrow, Thursday, for about three hours, selling accessories (pen sacs, padded envelopes, used pen cases, etc.)
              2.  Friday I'll be there with primarily vintage pens, including a box of working pens for $15/each, a box of mechanical pencils, $10/each.
              3.  Saturday and Sunday I'll have vintage pens, pencils, and some new pens that are great, and inexpensive as well.
Hope to see a lot of you there.  Stop by and say hello,  Dave Silber, Noyesville Pens
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