[Zosslist] This week's Speerbob pen sales

Speerbob speerbob at starpower.net
Fri Aug 3 03:39:10 EEST 2018

Hi Zosser's, I have 72 pen auctions on eBay this week.  They end Sunday 
evening.  Maybe you noticed the last several weeks I have listed more 
pencils, ballpoints and lower-end pens.  I probably have 1,000 pens 
backlogged to list but the pencil and ballpoint box was getting pretty 
full so I listed more of them lately.  This week is the same but there 
are also some great fountain pens this week, a few higher-end, and I'll 
start listing more next week.  I also started a few Delta and a Conklin 
special edition at $1.00 this week.  Check them all out at


A couple of highlights include a Parker 51 special edition in vista 
blue, Porsche design P3125 FP and pencil set, Faber-Castell Intuition in 
terracotta, couple of Parker vacs, Beautiful Parker thrift-time in 
burgundy marble, Very cool Nardi pencil (the most ridiculously over 
engineered pencil ever), Several Esterbrook ballpoint with adapters so 
they work and use a modern refill, super cool Eversharp streamliner 
thrift FP, some parts, and much more.

Cheers,  BOB

Robert Speerbrecher, Writing Instrument Dealer.  A Top Rated eBay Seller.
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