[Zosslist] This week's Speerbob pen sales

Speerbob speerbob at starpower.net
Wed Aug 8 14:51:07 EEST 2018

Hi Zosser's,

I have some great pens on eBay this week.  Some great fountain pens this 
week plus pencils, ballpoints, etc.

Exceptional Waterman 52 1/2 BHR FP with flex nib in box, Couple of very 
clean 1920's Duofolds, Excellent Waterman Taperite in blue with gold 
cap, Couple of nice Sheaffer Balance, Eversharp Skyline, Some lots of 
pens for parts or repair, Parker 51 vac in Cordovan/SS, Beautiful 
oversize grey and red marble Inkograph and what I think is the coolest 
pen this week, a 1950's Sphinx Rubidor piston-filler ballpoint.  Kind of 
an early version of a rollerball and best of all it actually works very 
well.  Made In Germany.  I just think it's so cool that it works as 
usually these older attempts at a fountain pen ink ballpoint/rollerball 
do not work well if at all.  They end Sunday night.  You can see them here:


68 auctions this week.

Cheers,  BOB

Robert Speerbrecher, Writing Instrument Dealer.  A Top Rated eBay Seller.
ID: SpeerBob
ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/Speerbob
Web: http://www.speerbob.com
email:  speerbob at starpower.net

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