[Zosslist] Perfect Jim Rouse Tribute

Rick Propas rickpropas at comcast.net
Thu Aug 9 03:29:59 EEST 2018


Thank you for this. I think you have captured Jim's character quite 


On 8/8/18 5:11 PM, Speerbob wrote:
> I'd like to Thank Franklin-Christoph for the perfect Jim Rouse tribute 
> on the back cover of the current PenWorld.  The photo with the slight 
> smirk on his face was the perfect Jim tribute photo. That photo along 
> with the one on the inside of the magazine together caught Jim's 
> personality perfectly.  He was always either smiling or had that 
> playful sarcastic smirk.  Sarcastic but never mean spirited.  Jim was 
> my best friend in the pen business for 18 years.  Jim was everyone's 
> friend as soon as they met him.  Tanya and I loved him and will miss 
> him very much.  Rest in peace my friend.  The pen community is a 
> better place because you were an important part of it.  Cheers,  BOB

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