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Hi all,
These pens have been restored inside and outside and are ready to fill with ink and use, unless noted otherwise.

If you see one or more pens that you like, please reply to me at:

michael at northwestpenworks.com

If you intend to make a purchase, please read "Rules, Shipping, Etc." at the bottom of this post.

#1. 1941 Parker Vacumatic in green, made in Canada. There is no brassing on the gold filled trim and no damage to report. There is a color difference between the cap and barrel. As you can see in the photos, the color of the clear barrel segments are not mint, but very close to it. The pen has an aluminum Speedline filler and a long blind cap, double end jewels aka "2 ej. The nib is a very smooth writing Fine 14K arrow. Capped the pen measures 5 inches or 12.7 cm. The condition is Excellent.
Price reduced to $155.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.            





2. circa 1925 Waterman's 452 fountain pen with hand engraved sterling silver overlay. The pen was used a lot and has some wear on the engraving. There is a thin strip of the bead missing, that holds the circular end piece on the top of the cap. The missing bead is about 10 mm on the top edge, above the clip. It may have worn off from rubbing against shirt pocket flaps. The original clip sterling has been replaced with a plated nickel silver clip. The clip is nice and tight and held well in my shirt pocket. The underside of the lever tab is marked sterling, but it may also be a replacement. The cap and barrel overlays do not have any dents. The nib is a smooth writing Flexible Fine 14K. Capped the pen measures 5 1/4 inches or 13.5 cm.
Price reduced to $275.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.





3. 1940's Eversharp Skyline full length Modern Stripe aka moiré in Garnet Red. The only flaws I found on this pen is typical brassing along the edges of the clip and outer center edges of the lever, where the lever is raised. The levers on Skylines very often have wear from the caps being posted. It also has an odd indentation towards the barrel end that was a bit too deep to remove. I could not tell if if was a bite mark or a manufacturing defect. The mark is not too noticeable. The nib smooth writing Extra Fine 14K. The garnet red version of Skyline is a bit harder to find than some of the other colors. I think they were not made as long as some of the other colors of moiré. Capped the pen measures 5 1/4 inches or 13.2 cm.
Price further reduced to $155.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




4. 1929 or '30 Waterman's No. 94 in silver pearl with red. The cap has a repaired crack that runs from the cap lip and above the
band. I chemically welded it, which seems to hold better than when cyanoacrylate or epoxy are used. If you post your pen caps on the barrel end, this pen is probably not for you. The clip has a some very small pits in the plating around the top edge of the clip. I think this is likely the earliest version of this cap as it has a riveted clip and plain cap band. The later ones had different clip and a decorative cap band. The nib is a smooth Flexible about a Medium 14K, with a bit of stubbish effect. It is a wet writer and lays down a dark line. The cap end has the typical five steps. The 94's are a bit larger in diameter than the 92's. Capped the pen measures 5 inches or 12.8 cm.

Price further reduced to $165.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




5. 1937 first year Sheaffer's Crest full size fountain pen in golden brown stripe. This is a lever fill pen. The name "C.M. Logan" is hand engraved on the clip. There is no brassing on the cap or clip. There are two very shallow dents in the side of the cap, that are hard to see, and one tiny peck mark. The first year Crests have threads at the end of the section, similar to Parker Imperial pens. Both were short lived models. The nib is a smooth and moderately flexible Extra Fine and will make up to about a 1.5 mm line. Capped the pen measures 5 1/2 inches or 13.9 cm. 

Price further reduced to $250.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc.below." 





6. circa 1928 Parker Duofold Jr. in Lacquer-red Permanite plastic. The only flaw I found on the pen is a bit of brassing at the top of the clip and on the clip ball and some thin lines of brassing on the edges of the cap bands. I recolored the cap end and blind cap. The original nib and feed was replaced at some point with Vacumatic parts. The nib is a smooth writing Extra Fine 14K arrow. Capped the pen measures 4 1/2 inches or 11.5 cm. 

Price $155.00 shipping included in the U.S. Foreign shipping see "Rules, Shipping, Etc." below.




Rules, Shipping, Etc.
The usual rules apply, the person sending the first e-mail on an item
~stating intent to purchase~ gets the item. I will give you 5 days to
decide if you like the pen or not. I prefer payment by PayPal but also
accept checks or money orders in USD. I can only accept payment by
PayPal from countries outside the U.S. I ship worldwide, so
international customers are always welcome.

Prices are post paid in the U.S., and will be shipped with a tracking
number and insurance. I normally ship inside the U.S. by U.S.
Postal Service Priority Mail. I also ship to other countries by Priority
Mail which is about $34.00 USD and up to most countries, except Canada,
which is less. I can also ship to other countries by Express International Mail,
if you request it, but it is costly.

Return Policy: I will always allow pens, or other items, to be
returned. If there is a problem I would prefer the chance to fix the problem
or replace the item, when and if possible. Otherwise a full refund
will be offered. If you find a problem and choose to send the item
(pen, mechanical pencil, etc.) to someone else to be corrected, I will
not be responsible for any other problems.

Happy penning!

Michael McNeil

E-mail:  michael at northwestpenworks.com
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