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Humberto Paniagua humberto at pani.com.mx
Tue Jan 22 17:40:16 EET 2019

Hello all of you my friends

I do agree on not going to FB. many reasons arise from that, but mainly 
privacy, also, newer generations are not interested at all in that.

I do need to get my act going in the instagram world.

Knowing this may lead to extra hours in the computer and all that 
accompanies those extra hours, I am willing to start an instagram 
account Zoss Pens, Zoss List or any name you guys decide.

The only thing is...

Instagram needs pictures.. it is all about images..

are you all willing to send me images of your beautiful pens so I can 
post them into instagram??

If you guys are willing to put some time to take some photos of your 
pens, I am willing to put some of my time into this endeavour, take some 
images of my pens and post your images as well as mine...

one more thing, If you guys are ok, I am almost sure, this will need to 
be on a personal email basis (this meaning, that I will need you to send 
me an email directly so I can post the image) to keep the list without 
images, besides I think this list will only be sent on text only.

Instagram is a social media, where you can only post images and some 
short videos, a quick search for fountain pens, returned over 170k 
different users posting images of fountain pens.

I do agree that we need to keep this list alive, I am more than happy to 
keep receiving email information from all of you. It is a wonderful pot 
of knowledge

on the other hand I do believe that we have an obligation to preserve 
our culture and our beliefs, and that is the love for fountain pens, not 
just keeping them in the bins and drawers or where we keep them stored 
or where we show them, but also how we use them, and this is to teach 
the young kids all we have learned!!

which by the way has required enormous amounts of time, dedication and 


lets do both things. keep this list alive. start a Instagram account..

you send the images, I post the images!!

who is in??


On 21 Jan 2019, at 19:12, Erik Anderson wrote:

> Maybe I should be more clear in saying that I while I have drawers 
> full of pens and enjoy the hobby and art of collecting and preserving 
> them as it really is a joy to write with something my grand father 
> would have considered old I don’t have much of a dog in the fight 
> when it comes to what goes where and how in regards to outreach.  
> Sooner or later it will all be Facebook or whatever comes next and I 
> find myself trying to preserve my lamp oil for as long as I can.
> Please reach out in any way that you feel is appropriate and on any 
> platform you feel is appropriate. I’d only ask that something as 
> simple and fun as this endures.  I’m not writing via Telegraph in a 
> cabin running on solar power, and I’m not here to say that uniting 
> common interests is bad, I just have no time for a platform such as 
> Facebook which was dreamed up by a man who wanted to objectify women 
> who would not date him and has evolved into a machine that transcends 
> governments, knowingly takes money from hostile powers, and will 
> gleefully sell your most private thoughts to anyone interested.  Not 
> all people who use Facebook or even a fraction of them are bad people, 
> but Facebook IS a bad actor on the national and more importantly the 
> global stage and is ran by a man with zero empathy or compassion. That 
> said it is a powerful tool for connecting people. Do what you want and 
> for what little it is worth you have my blessing. I’ll just not be 
> interacting at all on the Facebook format.
> It is getting harder and harder to “own” any portion of yourself.  
> Consider what is being sold when the cost of using a platform is 
> absolutely free yet it is making billions upon billions.  Facebook 
> will do just fine without me and I’ll continue doing just fine 
> without them.
> Good luck pen hunting.  I’m glad I found you folks.
> Erik
>> On Jan 21, 2019, at 15:52, Sandy Andina <folksingersandy at gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>> I'm with you on listservs--I don't mind them at all.
>> Peace & song,
>> Sandy Andina

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