[Zosslist] I hope it's OK to send a picture!

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Sun Jan 27 06:23:43 EET 2019

 Hi everyone.
This just came my way. It's a desk set, put together, I think as a gift for union members, by now deceased Nate Gooden, who was a UAW vice president some years ago. Included are a Legacy fountain pen, and a Legacy roller ball pen. The UAW represented the workers at Sheaffer at the time (I'm guessing late 90's, based on "Legacy," rather than Legacy 2, etc). Sort of an amazing find.
I believe all the items are union made. Note that the zippered container features a UFCW union made label.
The fountain pen required a bit of cleaning; it writes wonderfully. The roller ball works fine. The item at the lower right is a pocket sized measuring "tape." If this transmits clearly, you should be able tor read Brother Gooden's message.
Alan Kaufman

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