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D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Sat Feb 9 03:45:46 EET 2019

I have a Grand Place M800 but alas with only a 18k nib, I do miss the nicer
14k nibs.  My nib is an Italic Broad Pelikan 18k nib so that's a good
thing, it's more of a stub than an Italic though. Sheaffer's Legacy stubs
are much sharper than the Pelikan B Italic 18k nib on this pen. But it
still is a beautiful looking and working pen.  I do wish it was less stub
like.  Picture of the GP M800.

Rick, what's the 14k nib on your Grande Place  M800 pen?


On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 8:06 PM Rick Propas <rickpropas at comcast.net> wrote:

> Despite my obsession with Pelikans, my tray of inked pens is pretty
> eclectic. It tends toward vintage and customs. In my pocket right now is a
> Parker 51 tribute by Brad Torelli in cumberland hard rubber with a hammered
> bronze cap. Before that I was carrying my Montblanc 139 and my Pelikan M800
> Grand Place with a custom 14 Carat nib. My pen for "knocking around" is an
> Aurora Optima Sole, before that a coral Pelikan M101N. You get the idea.
> I almost always have a Corsini or two inked and ready to go, ditto my Paul
> Rossi 800N. My currently inked set is a Soennecken 111 Extra in gray
> herringbone.
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> On 2/7/19 6:39 PM, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:
> What's the fountain pen that you would say is nearly perfect.  Writes
> nicely, never skips, ink flow is perfect, wet but not too wet, nib handles
> like you want, stiff as a nail, just slightly flexible to show you're not
> using a roller ball, or other.  If looks are important, tell us which
> finish you love.
> O.K., here's my choice.
> Sheaffer Legacy (red, blue or green) with stub nib.
> The colors of the lacquer over the brass barrel have great depth.
> The stub nib is thinner than most stubs so it writes like an italic, the
> ends are just rounded off a tiny bit do the nib didn't catch the paper .
> Ink flow is constant and generous . The nib has the slightest flex which
> gives a beautiful script and hand feel.
> The filing system is unique: Touchdown filler which is like a permanent
> cartridge with an internal bladder which is filled by inserting the nib in
> an ink bottle then  unscrewing the blind cap and pulling  out the
> telescoping piston plunger and  repeatedly pumping into the Touchdown
> cartridge fills.  If you don't want to fill from a bottle, remove the
> Touchdown cartridge, and substitute a Sheaffer ink cartridge.
> The Sheaffer Legacy came in fountain pen, mechanical pencil, ball point
> pen, and roller ball. Thankfully Montverde makes ball point and roller ball
> refills in other colors besides the black and blue Sheaffer sells.
> I've heard that Sheaffer discontinued blue refills, but I've substituted
> Montverde blue which even comes in broad.
> The only disadvantage is the  rollerball and ball point refills are
> difficult to find locally in other than black medium.
> The Sheaffer Legacy fountain pen is flawless in weight (heavy),
> performance and beauty.
> Regards,
> David
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