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Well, like most pen companies that have been around a while, MB knew how to make a flex nib once upon a time. I have a 342 with a *steel* nib that has some of the best flex properties in my collection for everyday writing. My Pilot Shiro is like that as well.

Vance R Koven
vrkoven at yahoo.com

> On Mar 6, 2020, at 10:31 AM, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. <n1ea at arrl.net> wrote:
> I was intrigued with the introduction of the MB Calligraphy pen, it's an 18k nib on the familiar MB 149 pen.
> It works as well as the vintage flex pens I have with one exception, it doesn't snap back, but it writes very nicely.  (Oh, yeah?  I wrote that before I tested it against my other FP flex pens!)  My MB racism is showing, MB actually did a fabulous job!)
> Here is the picture: http://qsl.net/n1ea/149.jpg <http://qsl.net/n1ea/149.jpg>
> If they made a 14k model, I bet the  nib would spring back, you know like then you can draw a downward line with the pen, apply pressure, have it flex, and leave what I call "a string of pearls".  This pen cannot do that even if you try to do it very slowly. What this nib does is more like a microorganism with a tail.  (After the test, it seems the old 14k flex pens weren't much better - I was thinking of my dip pens!)
> I just took some old flex pens - and you know what?  The MB beat them, I know I have better flex pens that will do a "string of pearls" but the fountain pen flex pens aren't those.  I can do the string of pearls with my dip pen nibs.
> Here is a picture of what the MB Calligraphy 149 can do.  http://qsl.net/n1ea/149.jpg <http://qsl.net/n1ea/149.jpg>
> I'm very impressed.  It's the equal of the flex pens I had in my pen cup on my desk.
> Best to all,
> David Ring
> Green Harbor, MA
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