[Zosslist] Mylar and Brass Shim Stock

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Fri Mar 20 04:18:38 EET 2020

I have a M-800 Pelikan with a IB nib and it's pretty sluggish.

I used to have some very thin brass shim stock - a few mills in
thickness - and some Mylar sheets which I used to align nibs if they
were high or low, Mylar didn't scratch the inside of the nib.

When a pen didn't want to flow and soaking and sonic cleaning didn't
work, I'd carefully put the tip of th ebrass into the breather hole
and draw down the slit, I'd often dislodge dried ink in the feed.

Does anyone have some they'd give or sell me, or can someone direct me
where I can buy small amounts at reasonable cost?

Best regards,

David J. Ring, Jr.
PO Box 9
Green Harbor, MA 02041-0009


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