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Who's at the other end of the zosslist these days?  Whoever, could you
please un-subscribe A. Deering  bufo at wyoming.com   for his wife, Carol.  It
sees Andy has passed away.   Thanks!   Sam @ pendemonium.

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Hello. Please unsubscribe my husband from this list. He passed away last
Thank you,
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Hello to my fellow Zossies!

Just a heads up that thus far and for as long as we are able, we are open
for business.  Kingman and Mohave County remain covid-free and we are still
able to safely make daily mail drop offs at the Kingman USPS loading dock.

Inky Greetings and Midnight Madness, our two weekly eNewsletters continue
to be sent out with lots of good deals, nice pens and other eclectic
writing items that you all know us for.  We're also posting specials on our
Pendemonium Facebook page.   We invite you to join us.

Frank and I wish everyone all the best during the Covid-19 crisis.
#washyourhands   Please let us know if there is anything pen and related we
can do for you.

Inkily yours, Sam (and Frank)

Pendemonium LLC
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